Peter Reginato: Fiction
Introduction by Warren Adelson
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Peter Reginato
In the 1980s, I visited a friend in Los Angeles, Mark Carliner, and he showed me a large sculpture that was just installed on his lawn. It was steel cut and twisted into biomorphic, Miro-like forms and painted in a melody of hues with enamel paint. Mark explained that it was by Peter Reginato, and I should look at his work when I returned to NY. I did and so began our friendship with Peter. Jan and I bought a piece for our home in Westchester, and it marked the beginning of many exhibitions of his work. Initially, we did not have the space uptown, so we rented spaces in SoHo, the first on Greene Street, in order to show these large, powerful works of art. The exhibitions were met with enthusiasm.

Recently, Peter has decided to apply his painting skills to flat surfaces, using his accustomed enamel paint, now brushed and splashed onto canvas stretched out along the floor. I feel that the results have been exceptional, and his impetus to move to painting has been right. The canvases in this exhibition show Peter’s facility with paint, his freedom of application, and his innate sense of design and color. The works are lyrical and have the rhythm of an artist that has been painting for decades, which in fact Peter has. We are pleased and delighted to show these wonderful pictures at our gallery.

Warren Adelson
2014 Adelson Galleries
730 Fifth Avenue
The Crown Building, 7th Floor
New York, NY, 10019